“Write-Off” car status – Tried to sell – When and Who claimed form Insurance company?

David Lewis asked:


I was about to buy a car, I paid a holding deposit but someone told me I should check with HP status of the car which I did and found car was written off and someone had claimed full cost already. I told the seller about this but he refused to accept and said he never claimed for it.

Well, the deal has already been crossed and I have my deposit back anyhow but I am still very much interested to get more information on this matter.

I want to check when someone claimed for this and who was the person just to find out weather he was this seller or previous one who sold it to the person who wanted to sell it to me.

Is there any department who can give me the date of claim and name of the person? if not the name just the date at least ???

How can I buy home insurance if I use one room for my business?


Hello there! I am a freelance web publisher so basically I work from home using my laptop. My husband and I just bought our first home. The other day I was shopping around for home insurance when an agent told me if I run my home business many carriers will mark me as “not eligible” for home insurance. Is this true? How do I get around that? What’s the best home insurance company?